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What is Hyper Ground System?

HYPER GROUND SYSTEM by Sun Automobile Japan

What is it? Hyper Ground System is a new generation tuning system designed to provide a direct, low-resistance ground path from engine components to the battery. It allows the entire electrical system to perform at greater efficiency, which can result in:

  • Increased HP
  • Increased Torque
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency
  • Stabilized Idle
  • Brighter Lights
  • Quicker Engine Starts
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Reduced Audio Noise
Gold Hyper Ground Wire System
Silver Hyper Ground Wire System
Smoke Hyper Ground Wire System
Sun Auto Hyper Ground Wire System Battery Terminal Clamp
Battery terminal clamp to relocate factory ground cable is included. Ultra low impedance copper material is used.
Red Hyper Ground Wire System
Blue Hyper Ground Wire System
Yellow Hyper Ground Wire System
Available in 3 Models and 6 Colors
Check for the Hyper Ground Wire System for your vehicle here: Hyper Ground Wire Application
Sun Hyper Ground Wire System S-Type
Contents (Wires)
400mm(15.7in), 500mm(19.7in), 600mm(23.6in), 750mm(29.5in), 900mm(35.4in).
Applicable Models
TOYOTA/CAMRY, COROLLA,...Etc. For small compact mid size vehicle.
Sun Hyper Ground Wire System M-Type
Contents (Wires)
400mm(15.7in), 600mm(23.6in), 800mm(31.5in), 900mm(35.4in), 1000mm(39.4in).
Applicable Models
FORD/F-series pickup, DODGE RAM, CHEVROLET SILVERADO, TAHOE...etc. For pickup and fullsize vehicle.
Sun Hyper Ground Wire System L-Type
Contents (Wires)
400mm(15.7in), 500mm(19.7in), 600mm(23.6in), 750mm(29.5in), 00mm(35.4in), 5500mm(216.5in).
Applicable Models
BMW/ 3 series...etc. For rear battery vehicle

How does it work?
In any electrical system, electric current flows from the positive terminal to the electrical components, and back to the battery through the negative terminal. However, the way that the factory (stock) grounds are set up, the electrons must travel through the steel and/or aluminum components in the car to complete the circuit, which creates much electrical resistance (steel/aluminum are not the best materials for electrical conductivity). This resistance disturbs the flow of electricity to a degree that electrical components such as the ECU, lights, spark plugs, etc. cannot perform at maximum efficiency. In order to get the highest performance out of any automobile, it is necessary to achieve an efficient flow of electricity with the least resistance along its electrical circuit. By providing a direct ground path using highly conductive 99.99% pure copper, this electrical resistance is reduced greatly (as much as 10 times!), resulting in an ultra-low resistance ground path. In short, Hyper Ground System affects the electrical system similar to how a high performance intake & exhaust system affects the mechanical system, by scavenging power which would otherwise be lost due to system inefficiencies.

Sun Automobile Hyper Ground Wire System
Design of Hyper Ground System.
4-layered construction
1) Ultra Low Impedance Copper Wiring:
Uses unique design of 99.9% copper core to get the lowest impedance. Copper core surface is protected from oxidation.
2) Inner Tube:
Reduces noise and provides strength, also to protect sliding of Shield Mesh and Outer Tube.
3) Shield Mesh:
The mesh cover provides additional strength and attractive looks in the engine compartment.
4) Outer Tube:
The outer tubing consisters of exclusive material that provides superior heat resistance and flexibility.

What makes it so special?
Sun Automobile Hyper Ground Wire System
Comparison of conduction by material

Japanese WRC racing teams had previously utilized this type of ground tuning, and the technology eventually filtered to auto enthusiasts who constructed their own versions. Hyper Ground System was the first ground tuning system made available to the public in Japan (known in the JDM as Hot Earth). Sun Auto produces the Hyper Ground System to an exacting level of utmost quality. The cables are made to our proprietary design, constructed using thick-gauge 99.99% pure copper, with 1477 strands per cable. Since the electrons only travel on the outside of the strands, many strands are necessary to maximize the electron flow. The cables utilize multi-layered shielding, which is specially blended to provide minimum electron leakage as well as to withstand engine room temperatures and protect against discoloration. Terminals are available with gold plating, for better electrical conductivity and protection against corrosion. The Hyper Ground System also uses a patented "daisy-chain" method to connect directly from the cylinder head and other points under the hood to the battery, to provide an ultra-low resistance ground path. The kit comes in 3 universal sizes to fit any type of vehicle, and is effective for use in anything from bone-stock to fully modified vehicles. Aside from the universal kits (5 cables in different lengths), Sun Auto offers a lineup of car-specific kits, which are tailor-made to fit a specific vehicle. These car-specific kits are sold in the US under the Hot Earth (JDM) brand name, and have specific mounting points, exact wire lengths, and are typically 6 or more cables, to give the absolute best fit and best performance.
Sun Automobile Hyper Ground Wire System Sun Automobile Hyper Ground Wire System
Gain Torque and Horsepower (Acura Integra Type-R)
Increased Fuel Mileage
*Actual effectiveness varies by vehicle. *Actual effectiveness varies by personal derivability.

Hyper Ground System product information, data and Images. Courtesy of Sun Automobile USA

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