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Auto Suspension Upgrades
High Performance Shocks & Springs Suspension Systems are necessary to control excess chassis motion and keep the tires firmly on the road surface for street performance driving and track racing. In our performance suspension section, you can find large selections of performance suspension parts such as lowering springs to lower your car for that aggressive racecar look and high performance handling. We have all the aftermarket auto parts for suspension systems, whether you're looking to improve your cars handling for a faster turn at corners, reduce squat during acceleration, body roll in the turns, lowered center of gravity to increased stability, or nose-dive under braking to improve your cars performance. Progressive lowering springs for the sporty racing look, High performance gas shocks and struts for handling, Chassis enforcement strut bars and Lower Tie Bars, straightening up your cars chassis for high speed cornering at turns. Front Camber Kit or Rear Camber Kits.