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ROTA Wheel Grid (17 x 10)
ROTA Wheel Grid (17 x 10) Full Royal Sport Bronze

ROTA Wheel Grid (17 x 10)

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Your Price: $177.99
Retail Price:$231.99
You Save:$54.00(23%)
ROTA Wheel Grid (17 x 10)
Part Number: ROTA Wheel Grid 17x10
Availability: In-Store Pickup Only
- Average Weight Each: 21.2 lbs
- Price is for One Wheel

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All Rota wheels are cast from high quality alloy in popular styles at an affordable price, designed for street performance driving and tracking racing use. Rota world-class alloy wheels are designed and made from cutting-edge technology, which works all the way from wheel designs, casting and finishing with final inspection to ensure the highest standard within Rota's quality guideline.

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